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SoftCAD.3D Lite 1.16 Free
SoftCAD.3D Lite 1.16 is a great way to test-drive one of SoftCAD's Design solutions. With over 60,000 downloads to date SoftCAD.3D Lite 1.16 has been used in a wide variety professions including multi-media graphic design, web graphics, architecture, Interior design, furniture design, Landscape Architecture, urban planning and Building design.
Features include:
Graphical 3D modeling and editing tools
Architectural libraries including windows, doors, furniture,
landscape  and more.
Stair, column and girder generator
Photo-realistic rendering (texture mapping & ray-tracing)
Video-quality fly-by /walk-through animation
Intelligent 3D cursor that recognizes all surfaces
DXF import/export
Creation and import of your own custom library elements,
including objects and textures for rendering.

Download Now

Windows 95/ 98/ NT/2000
50MB hard drive

Software Lic. Agreement
click here.




See what ZDNet had to say
"... world-class 3D modeling program "


SoftCAD.3D is an intuitive, highly versatile, award-winning 3D architectural modeling program that lets you design and plan everything from furniture to landscapes to complex buildings and even entire cities. Its many tools boast an amazing depth of editing sensitivity.

They include the Object Tool, which contains spheres, cylinders, stairs, pyramids, prisms, custom shapes, and more; the Terrain Tool, which lets you Define Mesh, Modify Mesh, Define Platform, Increase Density, and Define Patch; the Library Tool, which provides editable, high-quality images of doors, windows, and other objects; the Geometry Tool, which allows you to Define Constructor, Edit Vertex, Smooth, Offset, Make Hole, and more; the Scene Tool, which gives you control over scene lighting and dimensions; and the Select Tool, which lets you move, rotate, scale, mirror, and more.

And those are just the basics! Editing in SoftCAD.3D is a pleasure -- movement is precise and fluid, and rendering is fast. SoftCAD.3D is far and away the fastest, most detailed, and most powerful 3D modeling program we've seen to date. Help is included.
Reviewed on Apr 30 1999.

Download Now
Software License Agreement : To view the term of the Software License Agreement click here.
Requirements: Windows 95/ 98/ NT/2000, 50MB hard drive space 32MB RAM


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