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Only one person! , Boyd Nelson of  Los Osos, Ca,  has ever got 100% passed with flying colors. Turns out he was the finest tradesman and employee ever encountered by the contractor that developed this quiz.


Test yourself and check answers
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Additional tests for specific trades.
Ability for you to modify this test,  format it, and download it ready for use.      
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Below is the Application form which consists of :

Company info for prospect
This part describes the company to the applicant
    General applicant information     
 General questions about applicant background and statistics
The Evaluation / test
This is it. This is what the journeyman  looking for a job never expected.


We welcome the the opportunity to interview you and appreciate  your interest in GREAT BUILDERS

Remodeling and additions are our specialty and we are also active in smaller handy man jobs.
We usually have a large job in progress while continually  being involved in secondary smaller projects. We complete projects with a single crew through all phases.
Our services include:
lnterior Design, drafting, architectural plans, consultations, estimating, construction and repairs for;  commercial, residential, new and remodels, renovations, restorations, additions, custom baths, kitchens, decks and woodwork.
We install:
fire places, windows , sun rooms, doors , tile, appliances, flooring, cabinetry, inspection and  maintenance, foundation repairs, Earthquake protection retrofits and solutions to unique problems.

  • By having additional smaller jobs at all times allows for a fairly consistent work.
  • By being involved in all phases of a project gives all  employees an opportunity to advance in different trades.
  • We like to compensate are employees by offering consistent work with competitive wages along with equipment and performance bonuses .
  • We expect you to be a self starter and able  to pick up new knowledge quickly.
  • The longer that you are employed with us the more individual responsibility you will be expected to take on.
  • We expect timeliness, cleanliness, courtesy, honesty, and respect for other employees and  clients.

Date__/__ /__
if at the above address for less than one year give previous address
Phone Number (        )        -                             Social security # ________________
Name of at least 2 persons other than above whom can be contacted if there is an accident or emergency.
birth day (optional) ,day and month only ____/___/XX
Are you employed now?
By whom?
Do you have a valid drivers license? yes/no

High school
College # of Yrs _______major___________
Trade school
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? yes/no If yes, explain
Would you be willing to submit to drug testing? yes/no
Previous Employment
1.From ___/___/___ to ___/___/___
Salary                                      Position
Reason for leaving

2.From ___/___/___ to ___/___/___
Salary                                      Position
Reason for leaving

3.From ___/___/___ to ___/___/___
Salary                                      Position
Reason for leaving

Can we call your previous employers? yes/no
Can we call your present employer? yes/no

The Test

The following is an evaluation for employment with GREAT BUILDERS . All questions are optional. It is better to not answer a question unless you are sure of answer. This evaluation IS NOT the determining factor as to being hired. It is only to provide us with information to evaluate how we can best utilize you within the company. If you are unsure of the meaning of a question but think you understand please explain as you see fit.

Have you ever performed 'piece work'? yes/no
In what trade(s)?
How long?____...
Have you ever been self employed? yes/no Doing what? for how long? explain
Do you have a contractors license? yes/no
Do you subscribe to any trade magazines? yes/no Which ones?
Would you be opposed to wearing boots at all times? yes/no
Do you have any first aid experience? yes/no explain
Check any of the following that you would not do for the  wages being offered?
lead a crew ___ dig ditches__ mix concrete__ crawl in crawl space__ install insulation__ paint__ wheel barrow rock___roof work___ other___

Tell us what your skill levels are.
Use the following letters to show your level and provide details as needed
N:no experience
L: laborer: Knowledge of some of the materials and tools
H: helper : Knowledge of most materials , tools and use of
A: apprentice :  Knowledge of methods, materials, tools , techniques and able to apply in basic applications
J:  journey man: skilled with thorough knowledge of all materials tools, techniques and able to apply in basic and advanced applications, with  little or no guidance.
HJ: handy/Journeymen: journey man level but without extensive experience
P: professional: extensive experience and knowledgeable to handle all situations, able to train / lead.

Write the letter of your skill  level next to each trade below. Explain prior experience in field .












Finish Carpentry







  1. What does GFCI stand for?
  2. What does a GFCI do?
  3. What is romex?
  4. What gauge(s) is a typical extension cord? _____________
  5. In a light circuit, the  white/black  wires are usually tied together, and the   white/black     wires is usually switched.
  6. A typical new home uses a _______amp electrical service meter panel
  7. Approximately how many lights can go on a 15 amp circuit?___________
  8. Approximately how many plugs can go on a 20 amp circuit?___________
  9. What are two of the most common gauges of wire used in residential construction.?____________
  10. Fixture units refers to
  11. Gas line past the meter is high/low pressure and gas line before the meter is high/low pressure.
  12.   What kind of material is typically used for the following piping applications?
    •   home waste drains and vents_________
    •   interior water supply lines_____________
    •   exterior underground water supply lines_____________
    •   gas line______________
    •   underground gas line______
  13.   When soldering copper water line you should heat the fitting / pipe / solder first
  14.   What is a water closet?
  15.   Typical kitchen counter top is ______ inches high and ________ inches deep. 
  16.   Upper cabinets usually are installed at ________ inches above the counter.
  17.   A standard door is_______ inches tall
  18.   Drill size for a standard lock set in a door is____________ and typical backset is_____ and height from floor  is____
  19.   Typical Hinge distance from the top of a door is________ and distance from bottom of door is_______
  20.   The largest rise and run of a stairway allowed by code is_______rise and _____run.
  21.   What is a more acceptable size (range) rise and run for a standard interior stairway?
  22.   What are the three coats called in a typical stucco application system?
  23.   When installing building paper, before siding, horizontal laps should be minimum of ____inches and vertical laps should be minimum of ____inches.
  24.   Are you familiar with a water level? Have you ever used one? If so what is your opinion of it as a tool?
  25.   A Yard of concrete is how many cubic feet?________
  26.   How many sack mix is concrete for typical residential footings? _____
  27.   A concrete slab should be how thick?_______
  28.   A single story stem wall footing should be how large?__________________
  29.   What diameter is #4 rebar?_____
  30.   An under floor crawl space should be a minimum of ________inches high.
  31.   An access hole to an attic or under floor should be how big?____________
  32.   A roof jack is?
  33.   A typical asphalt shingle has how many "tabs"?___________
  34.   When installing roofing felt horizontal laps should be minimum of  ______inches and vertical laps should be  minimum of ______inches.
  35.   What is "wonder board" used for what?
  36.   What are two kinds of tile bullnose?
  37.   Tile joints smaller than 1/8"" should use ____________grout and joints larger should use ____________ grout
  38.   Whats the difference between con common and con heart redwood?________________________
  39.   Typical framing lumber is? (Wood species).____________
  40.   Drywall nailing on walls is ___"O.C. on edges and ___"O.C. in the field. Screws ___"O.C. on edge and ___"O.C. in  the field
  41.   What is a drywall banjo ?
  42.   A header is cut _______inches larger than the rough opening
  43.   How thick and wide is a typical 2x4? __________
  44. A standard precut stud is how many inches long____________
  45.   Roof sheathing nailing is ____"O.C. on edges ____"O.C. in the field
  46.   What are plywood clips?when are they used? what do they do? And are they required by code?
  47.   How do you check a level for accuracy?
  48.   When finishing a room what is the first piece of trim to be installed?
  49. What are the height and distance requirements for a chimney on a sloped roof?
  50.   What is a rule of thumb in determining header size in standard openings?
  51.   Rough door and window header height is usually_____________
  52. Rough door framing width should be _________inches larger than nominal door size
  53.   A roof with a rise of 8 inches in two feet has a pitch of _____
  54.   How big is a sheet of plywood?__________
  55.   Indicate the approximate number of times you have performed the following items
      Floorjoists_____ trusses_______ stick frame roof _____   Stair framing______ Ceramic Tile _____
  56.   What size hammer do you use for framing? ____Finish? _____

NO Problem I know all this stuff!

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