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Felton, CA - August 1, 2000

With a regional focus brings end-to-end Information Technology services to the construction industry. Using a practical approach to e-commerce by first connecting businesses, and bringing efficiencies to existing relationships, is setting the stage to be the first stop onto the internet for one of the oldest industries. has assembled an experienced team to focus on providing a simple process for contractors and vendors to participate on the Internet. Providing flexible Internet and communication technologies as the building industry web presence matures.

Advanced services and tools such as integrated billing, requests for proposal and wireless services put at the cutting edge. Yet basic Internet services such as dial-up, DSL access, free web space and site development provide a starting point for small businesses to participate

James Harnett, the company founder, has a background of over 20 yrs in the construction industry along with degrees in electronics and engineering from Cal Poly. This unique blend of experience allows him, along with other team members with similar backgrounds, to blend high technology together with the practical expectations and needs of those in the industry. "Many of the other services available will never reach the mass utilization necessary unless companies like ours provide the basic components to get the industry involved and connected to those services". James said offers a full breadth of services such as online bidding and request for proposals. What makes them different is they are offering packaged service so that smaller companies without an IT staff can implement an Internet strategy. They provide several specialized applications to their users such as live chat, forms, wireless applications, project management and more that are easy to use and can be hosted on the customers website or as a shared service form the site. This allows contractors and vendors to get specialized technology services without having a complete IT department and they don't have to go to several vendors to put together powerful unified solutions.

As other companies in the construction Internet space focus on their own marketplaces and exchanges, is fostering an unbiased site with language and ease of use catered specifically to building professionals and suppliers. In addition to its own marketplace, will aggregate other on-line services as the industry presence grows, giving users a single interface to multiple marketplaces and exchanges.

A unique regional system allows for localized pertinent information to be delivered anywhere on the globe. Their marketing approach is meant to build on existing relationships and help companies provide value added services. This is in contrast to many other services that are meant to eliminate relationships and whittle down everybody's margins trying to squeeze the best price out of already low margins. The site is oriented towards business-to-business services but is equally available and valuable to owners and developers. In addition to delivering materials request they route labor request in real time so that contractors can easily fill their schedules with work or workers.




The "Builders Desktop" is a secure and customizable hub for communicating "real-time" construction information. A simplified approach opens the door for small to medium sized companies to actively participate with more advanced systems used by larger contractors and vendors. Users can create their own virtual web space focusing on specific vendors, associated professionals, and the regional specific information. The site services are meant to interact with any project management system or online marketplace (exchange).

"There are some basic reasons why the industry is fragmented that aren't going to change. Many of the new marketplaces in themselves will only contribute to more fragmentation. We don't propose to consolidate the industry under one plain vanilla system. We propose that companies continue to mix and match the way they do business. This is what makes individual companies unique, isn't it?" said James Harnett. "For example there are multiple online project management systems and all of the existing software in use will soon have online implementations. Different programs appeal to different users for different reasons with no single winner. We provide the glue for all of them to coexist."

GETTING CONNECTED provides all the essential tools to launch Builders, Contractors, and vendors into the communications age. "Wire-less connections via PDA's, laptops and cell phones will be common and we intend to offer packaged services so that the industry can easily adapt to the requirements of anytime, anywhere service." said James. "Our goal is reliable services that integrate seamlessly with existing business processes such as fax, pagers and cell phones. We have bleeding edge technology but our focus is on rock solid solutions to keep small and medium sized businesses competitive."
THE FLEXIBLE SOLUTION was designed specifically to address the needs of the small and midsize local contractors and vendors. This sector of the industry is responsible for as much as 80% of revenues and purchases in the US trillion dollar construction industry. Consolidating online-services and focused regionally, is the most versatile construction portal yet. Individual companies can do a much better job of deciding what their clients want and need as far as Internet services. provides the tools for these companies to create their own individual Internet strategies.


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