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SoftCAD.2D® for Windows® the Complete 2D Architectural Drafting Tool Is $ 99.00
Powered by SoftCAD's intelligent CAD interface, SoftCAD.2D® gives
designers a low cost option for 2D drafting

SoftCAD Internationalis devoted to the AEC professional, and SoftCAD.2D offers all the power and ease of high-end 2D CAD applications at the affordable price of $99.

While many CAD applications offer 2D drafting, very few specialize in architectural drafting and none are priced near $99.  "3D CAD is new and exciting, but most architects and designers are still searching for an easy-to-use, affordable 2D tool specialized for architecture", said Michael Risso, Director of Marketing for SoftCAD International.  "SoftCAD.2D is not only easy to use, it has tools tailored to meet the ever demanding needs of the architect or building professional."  Working with SoftCAD's Award-winning CAD engine, SoftCAD.2D is expected to have wide exceptance among architects, interior designers, builders, sub-contractors,
re-modelers, facility management, landscape designers and existing SoftCAD users.


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