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Looking to get on the web without having to do the work? Design services are the ticket. Along with hosting packages we offer an affordable way to get a custom web sites online quickly. SignUp now!

With a construction industry focus we will create a site that works for you, your customer, and your partners.

Our web design/development services include:

  • Image scanning/editing
  • Search engine registration
  • Domain name registration
  • Train your employees to upload new content
  • Javascript and active element
  • E-commerce
  • Data integration
  • Formatting for wireless delivery
  • Catalogues
  • Hosting service

Basic Site:

  • Domain registration*
  • 4 pages with one form and simple design.
  • You provide all content and images in digital format.
  • Slightly more if not in digital format
  • submit project form.
  • Bronze hosting with unlimited e-mail accounts.
    • $600 Includes 1 year Hosting
    • $35 minimum per update
Designer Site:
  • Silver Plan plus
  • 12 pages with several forms.
  • Additional design
  • Active elements
  • Multiple links
  • $1200 Includes 1 year Hosting

Custom site:

  • Gold Plan
  • 20 pages
  • Delivery of custom data to your pages
  • Additional e-mail accounts
  • Training and support for your employees to upload content.
  • E-commerce capable
  • Basic data integration
    • $5000 plus for the first year and then $55 per month

Custom Site and Management:

  • You name it!
  • Design
  • Manage
  • Integrate with your office systems
  • Training
  • E-commerce
  • Wireless applications and more
    • Major sites and advanced integration start at about $15K
    • Dedicated hosting fees start at $200 per month

We'll step you through the process. Contact us and get started today! or call 831-335-0475

Build a free page now!

* does not include yearly fee to Network Solutions of $35

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