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Internet Access

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Affordable Internet Access for Home Offices and Small Businesses is the ONLY Internet Service Provider focusing on the construction industry alone. Our advantages are:

Dialup. Dedicated. Fast. has the commercial-strength bandwidth your company needs to succeed on the Internet. And our wide range of plans assures you of the connectivity solution that best meets your needs.

The Internet is becoming a part of everyday business. Whether you're new to the Internet or already on-line, dial-up accounts give you everything you need for full service Internet. is more than just another Internet service. is committed to providing the highest quality, most reliable Internet services available. State of the art technology from world class suppliers together with's Construction industry focus and expert knowledge is shaping the future of communications in the construction industry. offers industry-leading speeds, unsurpassed reliability and cutting edge capabilities. The construction industry has different needs than regular users. Builders and suppliers require the ability to connect to the Internet without busy signals or dropped connections. They demand e-mail services that are engineered for performance and reliability. dial-up accounts do just that. We've provided features you need as a business to use the Internet as an effective communications tool. Thanks to the years of’s Internet expertise, all of these elements are combined into one Professional Internet service.

We deliver several of our service to mobile devices.

With your Dial-up account, you’ll receive all of the following for just $16.95 per month:

Unlimited Internet access.

1 pop3 account and 4 aliases
News groups

Connections consistantly faster than other providers such as Mindspring.

Static Ip's available for $7mnth
Filtered Access add $4mnth

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Business users we also offer:

  • DSL and other high speed connections
  • Web site hosting
  • Applications Service Providing that will give you the tools to comperte without extensive initial investment.
  • Custom web applications



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