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How Web Servers' Cookies Work

Many organizations use "cookies'' to track your activities on their site. A cookie is a unique identifier that a web server places on your computer: a serial number for you personally that can be used to retrieve your records from our databases. It's usually a string of random-looking letters long enough to be unique. They are kept in a file called cookies or cookies.txt in your browser directory/folder. Some are known as "persistent cookies'' because they may last for a period of time beyond one browsing session. Others are 'session' only cookies that last only for each individual ' browsing ' session and then are dropped. The two most popular browsers support cookies, almost all others don't.

There are of many convenient and legitimate uses for cookies. uses both of these type. They are used so that we can deliver personalized information and content to the site. In 'My Desktop' you can provide certain information and option selections such as Regions and through advanced data filtering we can use these option settings to send you only information that you have selected to receive. This is a good thing. To have access to your 'Desktop' and to use many of the services on our site we need to know that the user is a registered user. Through persistent and session cookies we are able to do this seamlessly. As a minimum our advanced services require you to have session cookies enabled.

How to disable cookies
You can tell your browser that you don't want cookies. At this time much of our site and advanced feature will not work properly if you do not allow cookies.
We suggest if you are concerned about cookies and your privacy that you select the option to warn when cookies are set and or to select the option to allow cookies form known sites such as

If you're using a major browser numbered below 4.0 it probably only gives you the option to refuse each cookie at the time it is pushed at you: you have to keep saying no every time.

  • On Netscape 3.0, try the Options menu: go to Network Preferences, then Protocols. Under Show an alert before check Accepting a cookie. (Don't forget to Save your option settings.)
  • On Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0, try View, then Options, then Advanced, check the box Warn before accepting cookies.
  • On Netscape Communicator 4.02, go to Edit, then Preferences, then Advanced, click on Warn me before accepting a cookie.
  • For MS-IE 4.0: View, Internet Options, Security, scroll down to Security, Cookies, Disable all cookie use; alternatively: Right click IE shortcut, select Properties, select Advanced, scroll down to Cookies, select options.
  • For MS-IE 5.0: Tools, Internet Options, Security, select Custom Level , Scroll to Cookies,check Enable or Prompt for Allow cookies and Allow session cookies; alternatively: Right click IE shortcut, select Properties, and perform these same selections.
  • Cookies are also supported in Opera and the latest version of Lynx.

Your browser may be different: it may not support cookies, or it may not allow you to stop them. Even if it does, you may have to click on cancel each time a web site wants to set a cookie on you.

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