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Welcome to Launches in Beta Mode is positioning itself to be the leader as the Internet revolution transforms the construction industry. Through our portal we develop and distribute real time information, web enabled tools and new Internet services to the industry.

We are in a beta launch mode now. As we ramp up our services over the next months new data and applications will be uploaded regularly. Each process is tested thoroughly before uploading so that we can provide reliable Internet tools and service to the construction industry. Check back often and tell us what you think. uses an approach that targets the current traditional "off-line" business practices and existing networks within the construction industry. Our services emphasize simplicity, function, return on investment, and the use of proven technologies. Along with a highly functional web site, provides various web and value added services to the industry. Target users range from independent contractors, architects, and suppliers, to large development firms, materials distributors and government agencies. encourages and embraces construction community involvement in the development of our services.

During our beta launch period we have a fully functioning site. You can send bids, receive quotes and more. At the same time we have an enormous amount of data resources that we are uploading. Certain sections may not contain their respective data during the beta period. This site is based around regional information that you can choose to view only for the regions you are interested in. We are using the San Francisco Bay Area Region as our first test region. As we verify the reliability of our applications and tools we will add the entire nation and eventually the world.

In addition we have several exciting new applications that will add efficiency to the building process and nourish existing relationships with your associates. These applications will be loaded over a period of time. All have been thoroughly tested. We will load applications independently, and test 'live' to assure we deliver only reliable services before we upload additional new applications. Since certain applications are interdependent, certain feature may not function as intended until complete groups of applications have been uploaded.

We can assure you that security measure have been taken to keep all of the data you pass through this site safe and confidential.

Again we encourage you comments. Our goal is to provide you with valuable services that improve the efficiency of you business process.

Thank you from all of us at About us.


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