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About Us is positioning itself to be the leader as the Internet revolution transforms the construction industry. Through our portal we develop and distribute real time information, web enabled tools and new Internet services to the industry. The Internet is a perfect tool for increasing efficiency in an industry that needs to use and process diverse information from multiple sources. The key is to get the industry to accept and start to use the Internet as a communication medium. uses an approach that targets the current traditional "off-line" business practices and existing networks within the construction industry. Our services emphasize simplicity, function, return on investment, and the use of proven technologies. Along with a highly functional web site, provides various web and value added services to the industry. Target users range from independent contractors, architects, and suppliers, to large development firms, materials distributors and government agencies. encourages and embraces construction community involvement in the development of our services.

The team is made up of several members who have lived and breathed in the construction industry. We understand your needs and will work with you to build a functioning Internet community. We have top technology specialist along side the most forward thinking industry visionaries to bring you simple but powerful communication tools today.




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