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Welcome to Helps Local Suppliers Stay Competitive is a community oriented market place for the construction industry. Our goal is to deliver increased efficiency in communications within the industry at a local level. At the same time we open new opportunities for relationships between contractors and suppliers. Our roots are in the construction industry, see who we are. We appreciate that relationships in this industry are based on trust, personal interactions, and existing ties that have been built over time. will strengthen your existing relationships and help you compete in the Internet age.

As much as some of us may fight it, the Internet is moving into the construction industry. By the year 2004 as much as 30% of transactions may be performed online. can assure that you are not left out helps suppliers compete in the following ways.

  • Reinforce your existing relationships by providing 'hooks' to tie your customers into your business.
  • Provide you the tools to participate in online transactions and communications
  • Create, Host and manage your web site. Through our Construction industry focus we think like you do and provide services and ideas that work in this industry.
  • Provide service that help you integrate Internet service into your business quickly, easily, and most importantly cost effectively. Our services concentrate on reducing operations costs thus providing the greatest impact on bottom line profits. We are building and developing services for hundreds of construction industry companies. We know what works, what's ready, and what is hype.
  • Our co-marketing methods instantly connect you to your customers and keep them connected.
  • We provide aggregated purchases that need to be delivered locally. If you qualify you can earn transaction income on products delivered though your store.
  • Aggregate purchases, combining your buying power with other non competing suppliers. This allows you to compete with the larger 'mega' stores.
  • Help sell your overstock and unsold inventory.
  • We are on your side. We will never get between you and a sale, yet we will send many new ones your way. has many unique opportunities for partnering. In addition we have a number of tools and marketing arrangements that help you keep existing customers, gain new ones, and stay competitive. Please contact us and a representative can discuss these with you.

Suppliers, register to participate in online bidding and respond to 'Request for Quotes'.


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