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Put in Your 2 cents

If you can offer content that you believe is of interest to the construction  industry let us know.

If you have access to public information that can be published on regular basis we encourage you to contact us . will work with you to inform the construction community of projects and industry issues.

We are looking for the following for all regions :

  • Local, State and National public building departments with sites or other information  online such as interactive permitting. These would mostly be links to sites with  explanations of what is there.
  • Local, State, and National postings for public works jobs.
  • Lists of qualified public work contractors and suppliers.
  • Educational programs, Seminars, Events, Home and Industry Expos.
  • Unions and Labor statistics.
  • Local, State and national statistical information on demographics and pricing.
  • Lumber or raw goods pricing and commodities for the Construction Industry.
  • Government or private Auctions and foreclosures.
  • We can send you a specific form in e-mail HTML  for easy contribution of content. This way  if you would like to post items regularly you can cut and paste into form and e-mail  it to us. Tell us which forms on our site you want or if we don't have one that matches  your needs we may be able to put one together for you.  We will make it easy for  you.  Does your Mail service except HTML  documents?

Lets work together to build an industry network for the flow of business information.

If you have qualifications we are accepting new editorial areas on our site.We have several incentive programs ranging from free services to free tools in exchange for content that  qualifies. Help build the BuildersPlanet Information Network

You can send us an explanation of the information you would like to send us  to:

Or input information at one of our site areas now. Select below for form.
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